Spiritual foresight

Dear saints, trust that the Lord had been blessing and encouraging you. This isn’t a thread about God’s foreknowledge, election and predestination. We’ll do that in another thread. Have you ever wondered how God had made multiple arrangements to accomplish His will when we mortals were involved? God entrusted us with enormous responsibilities, but also knew that we’d either fail Him, abandon Him, or both (Matthew 26:34). That didn’t make God bitter, but just led Him to plan accordingly. That foresight of the Lord, His ability to sense future situations and needs, is what makes Him supreme and enables Him to accomplish His Divine will despite man’s unfaithfulness (John 2:24) and the devil’s treachery (Matthew 4:1-11, Ephesians 6:11). Do we possess that foresight and ability to adapt in the Holy Spirit? Can we navigate Satan’s roadblocks without complaining and accomplish God’s will for our lives?

Today I want us to focus on one scripture (Luke 19:40). These were the words spoken by the Lord during His triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-44). The Pharisees, as always, wanted the Lord to control His disciples (Luke 19:39). I want you to notice that the Lord didn’t encourage His disciples to praise Him louder. Instead, He merely said that the stones, rocks, and elements of creation would erupt in spontaneous praise. Did the Lord Jesus foresee that these very people who were singing hosanna, would desert Him (Mark 14:50) and cry out for His crucifixion (Mark 15:31)? I think that He did, and that’s exactly why He had the elements of creation (Psalm 19:1) on standby to herald His entry into Jerusalem.

Let’s look at another illustration of God’s foresight and planning, this time in the Old Testament. God Almighty could foresee that the greed of Prophet Balaam (2 Peter 2:15) and used a donkey to restrain his madness (2 Peter 2:16). When the chosen instrument wasn’t obeying His voice (Numbers 22:22-31) the Lord simply empowered elements of His creation to discipline His servant and accomplish His will.

Are we deploying that spiritual foresight in the Holy Spirit (Luke 2:56) to call upon God’s unlimited resources (Matthew 26:53) to accomplish His will, or are we complaining how hard things are for us? Let’s follow that old adage “when the going gets tough, the tough get going (Luke 13:32)”. Amen.

Have a great weekend saints🙂.

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