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Hebrews 12:21 (NASB)

I am terrified and trembling.

The only feeling that a man who has genuinely encountered God is one of dread, fear, terror, and utter worthlessness. When a man meets omnipotence, he will be still and know that there is a God. All the arrogance, bravado, callousness, loud mouthing, incessant banter will suddenly vanish, and fear, panic, weak knees, and terror will grip that soul. An unholy, blasphemous man will be stunned by the omnipotence, holiness, goodness, and limitless power of a sovereign God.

When Moses cried out that he was terrified at Mt. Sinai and as were the people of Israel (Exodus 19:16-22), they met God Almighty in all His glory and omnipotence. When Gabriel, the powerful angel who stood in the presence of God, appeared to Zechariah (Luke 1:11-12), the only feeling was one of dread and fear. When the apostle John saw the risen Christ who filled the universe, he fell at His feet as if dead (Rev 1:17). The mere presence of the Almighty God is enough for the cosmos to roll up like a blanket and flee (Rev 20:11).

Any man who has really encountered God remains in fear, darkness, and dread for some time (Acts 9:9). Evangelical preaching should lead a man to a personal encounter with God. The omnipotence and dread of an Almighty God will leave him terrified. That holy fear of God is what will lead that soul to the saving grace of a merciful Christ.

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