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Trinity's mother expresses gratitude.


TRINITY'S MOTHER: "YOU ARE LIKE GOD'S WINGS WHO COVER AND PROTECT US" Thanks to your prayers and support, Trinity (7), one of the children injured in the church bomb attack in Samarinda, Indonesia in 2016, has been receiving treatment for her injuries in China. However, the Chinese medical team who are working to help her recover have decided to postpone her treatment as it is causing her too much pain.   Trinity and her mother, Sarina, have been separated from their family in Indonesia and also their translator, Dr David, due to Covid-19, and are finding the distance difficult. But even so, Sarina has seen answers to prayer – and this is thanks to your support. She says, “All of you are like God’s wings who cover and protect us through this journey.”    Having experienced the effects of the lockdown in China due to coronavirus, Trinity has drawn her own encouragement for you (pictured above): “Stay home and be safe. We can definitely fight the coronavirus.”  Read more about how Trinity and Sarina have been coping under lockdown in China. PLEASE PRAY:  

  • For Trinity’s continued recovery, as more than three years of operations and medical treatment have affected her overall emotional and psychological health  

  • That God will strengthen Sarina’s well-being and give her good health emotionally, spiritually, and physically, as she accompanies her daughter during the treatments in China  

  • For the whole family who are separated for the time being, that God will bless them with peace and joy despite the circumstances. 

STATE-CONTROLLED RELIGION IN TURKMENISTAN Most Christians in Turkmenistan, number 22 on the World Watch List, are part of the Russian Orthodox church. The strongly Islamic culture makes life difficult for converts to Christianity – conversion is regarded as dishonouring your family. The indigenous church – formed of Christians who have converted from a Muslim background – is very young and numbers roughly 1,000 believers, but it is growing. Ultimately, no religious activities beyond state-run and state-controlled institutions are allowed.  Why are Christians persecuted in Turkmenistan? A prayer for Turkmenistan  Lord Jesus, thank You that You sustain us and restore us in trials and times of uncertainty. Pour out Your Spirit on Your church in Turkmenistan, that they would be strengthened and renewed to keep following You, no matter the cost. Help believers from Muslim backgrounds to flourish in Your love and draw many others to Yourself through their witness. Amen. With many thanks for your prayers.

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