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Proverbs 10:16 (NASB)

The wages of the righteous is life.

Some wages lead to eternal life and others lead to death (Romans 6:23). A man doesn't need to strive to earn the wages of sin. They come naturally (Matthew 7:13). Satan and the fallen world are eager to pay us the wages of sin. An unregenerate man has to toil and labor in this world without knowing God or receiving His blessing (Genesis 3:19). All his hard work and labor only produce pain, misery, and sorrow (Genesis 3:18).

On the contrary, the wages of a righteous man are love, peace, and joy (Galatians 5:22). There is joy, purpose, meaning, and peace even while suffering for a saint. The wages paid by the Almighty lead to an overflowing abundance in this life and eternally (Matthew 19:29). Those blessings flow out through that saint like a river to all those around him (John 7:38).

The blessings of God are more powerful than Satan's wages. A saint working the same job and earning the same wage as an unregenerate man is more blessed and radiant than those around him. It is time for godly men to show a fallen world the wages of the righteous that lead to life.

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