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#14 in Christian persecution, Myanmar

Country rank

14Last year’s rank



55 227 000Christians

4 421 000Main Religion



The situation in Christian areas has taken a turn for the worse since the military took control in February 2021. Fighting has increased across the country and the Christian minority is bearing the brunt of these attacks. More Christians than ever have become internally displaced and are living in camps or churches without adequate food and healthcare.

The daily reality is that Christians do not enjoy the same rights and legal protection as the Buddhist majority. Christians are often victims of violent attacks conducted with impunity. Even in predominantly Christian states like Chin State and Kayah State, long-established churches have suffered attacks and Christian aid workers and pastors have been killed. Government forces attack Christian villages and churches, while Buddhist monasteries remain largely untouched.

Converts to Christianity also face persecution from their Buddhist, Muslim or tribal families and are shunned from community life. Communities that aim to stay ‘Buddhist only’ make life for Christian families impossible by barring their access to community water resources. Non-traditional church groups experience opposition too, especially those located in rural areas and those who are known for proselytising.

Meet Naomi

“If they hate someone, they are not afraid to kill them, no remorse nor guilt. That’s the way it is here”

Naomi, a pastor’s wife.

Please pray

For reconciliation between religious groups in Myanmar and an end to the habitual discrimination against Christians.

  • For the protection of the thousands of vulnerable people who are now refugees or internally displaced due to the ongoing conflict.

  • Thank God for the success of the persecution survival training which has brought hope, encouragement and resilience to Christians.

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