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#16 in Christian persecution, China

Country rank 16Last year’s rank 11Region AsiaPopulation 1 448 471 000Christians 96 700 000 (Open Doors estimate)Main Religion Other 16CHINA Tightening restrictions and increasing surveillance are putting Christians in China under intensifying pressure, as the Communist Party seeks to limits all threats to its power. Surveillance in China is among the most oppressive and sophisticated in the world, and New restrictions on internet and social media – together with the 2018 regulations on religion – are putting severe limitations on Christian freedom. Many churches are being monitored and closed, no matter whether they are independent or belong to the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. It remains illegal for under-18s to attend church. Christian leaders are particularly vulnerable to persecution, including imprisonment or, in a small number of cases, abduction. In the past year, several Christians have been arrested and charged with illegal business operations, fraud or acting against the state’s security. Life is also difficult for converts from Islam or Tibetan Buddhism. If discovered by their family or community, they are usually threatened and physically harmed – all in an effort to win them back to their original faith. Neighbours may report any Christian activities to the authorities or the village head, who would take action to stop believers.

Meet Xiao Ai “To a certain extent, persecution points us to Christ and His love.” Xiao Ai was detained for two weeks after the authorities raided a house church meeting

Please pray That Christians facing the burden of surveillance and tight regulation will be given strength, wisdom and boldness as they navigate challenges.

  • That young people who’ve not previously experienced persecution will be equipped to stand strong in their faith.

  • That the Church in China will continue to see remarkable growth, despite intensifying persecution.

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