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#17 in Christian persecution, Mali

Country rank 17Last year’s rank 24Region AfricaPopulation 21 474 000Christians 490 000Main Religion Islam 17MALI Around ten years ago, Islamic extremists took control of northern Mali, burned down churches and forced out the Christian population. The Christian community there has never fully recovered. They are still at risk of violent attacks, especially if they share the Gospel. Christian homes, businesses and property are still targeted, keeping many in poverty. Christian missionaries and NGOs in the north cannot operate safely – there is a real danger of being attacked or abducted. Political instability in the last few years has strengthened extremist groups and expanded their territory. This has put Christians in various parts of the country at greater risk. Militant Islamic extremists abduct people, kill them or keep them in sexual slavery. Others are pressured to join the groups, forcibly converted to Islam and made to fight. Some Christian parents send their sons away to safer areas to try to protect them. If Believers from a Muslim Background escape persecution by extremists, they will still face pressure from their family to give up their new faith. This can include divorce, losing family support, social isolation and even access to their children.

Meet Naomi “More than once, my family sent jihadists to my house to harm us. But one day, while my husband was on a business trip, he was gunned down. He was killed for his faith… I have no idea what happened to his body.” Naomi

Please pray

  • That stability, law and order will return to Mali, with militant extremists pushed back.

  • For Open Doors partners’ work to help vulnerable Christians earn a living.

  • That new believers will find fellowship with other Christians and retain their hope and joy.

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