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#32 in Christian persecution, Mozambique

Country rank

32Last year’s rank


Africa Population

33 089 000Christians

18 589 000Main Religion



Christians face persecution from the growing presence of Islamic militants, particularly in the northern region of Cado Delgado, where insurgents are enforcing a reign of terror. People either stay in the region under daily threats of abduction, or they flee their homes and communities and fend for themselves. Many are traumatised by the violence, and those who are forced into marriage or the militia are often plagued by shame or stigma.

In other parts of the country, Christians who convert from a Muslim or African Traditional Religion background often face pressure from their families to renounce their faith. Many Muslim families force suspected female converts to marry a Muslim man to keep them away from Christian activities. Married women face divorce and sometimes even losing custody of their children if they convert to Christianity.

In some areas, drug cartels persecute Christians and target church youth workers in particular. Tensions in the country are only exacerbated by government restrictions on freedom of religion, such as bans on all religious influence in public educational institutions and cumbersome registration requirements for religious groups.

Meet “Lorena”

“Those evil people [al-Shabaab] came and destroyed us. They put us in poverty, now we have nothing… They hung us out to dry. We had things, but when they arrived, they destroyed and burned it and left us in poverty.”

Please pray

  • Pray for peace in Mozambique, so Christians can go to church without fear of being abducted, attacked or killed.

  • Pray that Open Doors partners will reach more people in need with spiritual and economic support, and for protection for staff as they travel to volatile regions.

  • Thank God for the courage of those who are offering aid, and pray for wisdom and compassion towards the traumatised and vulnerable.

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