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#48 in Christian persecution, Nepal






Religious nationalism




Very High






Federal parliamentary republic


Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba



Church Life12.7/16.7

National Life13.6/16.7

Community Life9.9/16.7

Family Life9.8/16.7

Private Life12.4/16.7

What does persecution look like in Nepal?

Though Nepal is no longer an official Hindu state, most Christian persecution in Nepal comes from radical Hindu groups who want the country to return to Hinduism. Many of the Christians in Nepal are converts from Hinduism, and these converts experience significant pressure from their families and communities. If a family discovers a member is a Christian, the convert might be expelled from their family home or even violently attacked. Also limiting religious freedom are anti-conversion laws and the destruction and forced closers of churches. Churches where foreigners gather are treated with more tolerance, though members of some Protestant churches still experience significant pressure.

Christians who are members of indigenous groups also face persecution. Nepal has a rich diversity of tribes and clans where ethnic cultures, traditions and rituals are seen as very important. Once people convert to Christianity, they stop taking part in many of these traditions and are considered outcasts by the community. They might also be subjected to violent forms of persecution.

Meet “Kabita Khatri,” whose husband left her after she came to faith in Jesus

“My family members constantly pressured me to give up my faith. They stopped talking to me and didn’t help me financially. But I never gave up. One day, my father-in-law gathered some villagers and provoked them against me. He told me to leave my house if I wouldn’t leave my faith. But those threats didn’t shake my faith. Then, he found another way to persecute me. He stopped providing electricity in my room. I had to use candles or a cell phone’s light to light the house during the night. I was despised and left alone. But all these hardships couldn’t waver my faith in Christ.”

What has changed this year?

Nepal continues to be a place filled with persecution for followers of Christ. Nepal’s fall in rank belies its persecution score, which stayed nearly as high as last year. Despite a decrease in violence, pressure in almost every sphere of life went up, showing that daily life remains difficult for Christians, especially converts from Hinduism. Despite some good news—the government allowed some Christian charities to help with COVID-19 relief—the situation remains difficult for Nepal’s believers.

There are no hotspots for persecution of Christians in Nepal, but pressure on converts is stronger in the countryside than in the urban areas.

What does Open Doors do to help Christians in Nepal?

Open Doors works through partners in Nepal to support Christians with Bibles and discipleship materials, biblical training, socio-economic aid and advocacy.

Population statistic: Johnson T M and Zurlo G A, eds., World Christian Database (Leiden/Boston: Brill, accessed April 2021).

Pray for Nepal

  • Pray that Christians in Nepal will have wisdom to know how to share their faith safely, and boldness to continue sharing the gospel. Pray God will soften the hearts of those enforcing the restrictions on evangelism, and that He might draw them to Himself through the courageous witness of our brothers and sisters.

  • Pray for Christian women in Nepal who face persecution from their family members. Many are beaten, threatened, not allowed to go to church, rejected and left alone. Please pray that, with God’s strength, these women will continue to stand strong in their faith, and through them God would bring their entire families to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for believers who live in very remote villages. It is difficult for our local partners to contact them, and when they go through persecution, it can be difficult for our partners to reach them quickly. Pray for the Christians in these villages, that God would strengthen them and provide for their needs.

Stories from Nepal

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May 12, 2022

Rina found family in Christ after losing hers

January 18, 2021

13 Christians murdered for following Jesus—every day

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