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6 year old in Fulani attack. Release International partner's life threatened.

Six-year-old among victims of Fulani militant attack; Release partner’s life threatened in US Two young Christian women and a six-year-old boy were reportedly killed last week in the latest attack on believers by militant Fulani in Plateau state, Nigeria. Herdsmen attacked Kpachudu village in Miango District, Bassa County west of Jos, on the evening of September 28, a local resident told Morning Star News (MSN). Those killed were reported as Emmanuel David, aged 6, Asabe John, who was 25, and Mary Andrew, 18. The week before a 64-year-old Christian community leader was one of eight believers killed in Plateau state. Chundung Bulus said her husband, Bulus Chuwang Janka, was murdered after being lured out of his house in Rasat village, Barkin Ladi County, by a call to his mobile phone. On September 29 an Evangelical Church Winning All church pastor, Rev Chris Dariya, was kidnapped along with his son, Benji Dariya, by suspected Fulani herdsmen from their home in Jos, a church spokesman said. MSN learned the next day that the pastor’s son had escaped. Just two days before this incident a Christian community leader in Kaduna state was also abducted. A total of 21 others were kidnapped in separate attacks while eight Christians were killed, sources said.

  • Ask God to comfort all those affected by the recent killings and pray for an end to the bloodshed.

  • Ask God to be close to all those who have been kidnapped and to make a way for their release.

  • Pray that the International Community including the UK would put pressure on the Nigerian Government to take action against the militant groups and protect Christian communities.

(Source: Morning Star News) URGENT UPDATES Please pray for Release International partner Bob Fu of China Aid. Bob (pictured) has been forced into hiding in the US after threats were made against him and his family. A Chinese Communist Party operative is believed to have urged his supporters to eliminate Bob and other well-known Chinese dissidents late last month. The directive was made over social media channels. China Aid says Beijing wants Bob Fu silenced because he is a leading advocate for persecuted Christians in China. Please also pray for five Christians arrested in Eritrea. The women were detained recently as they stepped out of their houses to celebrate the release from prison of 69 Christians. ‘These were mothers,’ said our Eritrean partner, Dr Berhane Asmelash. ‘One is a mother of five, another the mother of four. They were cheering from the roadside – and arrested on the spot.’ You can read more about this story here. Please CLICK on the button if you prayed. I prayed! Please forward this to Christian friends so that they can pray and act too.

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