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Blind widower attacked. Prisoner's health deteriorating. Pastor dies after beating.

  • Sep. 15, 2022 | Central African Republic Blind Widower Attacked by Islamists [4] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Francios Tawoura. Francios Tawoura, a blind 58-year-old widower, said that when Islamists attacked his village, his inability to see prevented him from fleeing with his neighbors. The militants eventually found him and beat him, breaking two ribs. Read More.

  • Sep. 15, 2022 | Iran Christian Prisoner's Health Deteriorating [2] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Naser Navard Gol-Tapeh. Christian convert Naser Navard Gol-Tapeh was arrested on June 24, 2016, when 30 intelligence agents raided an engagement party in the town of Karaj, near Tehran. Naser spent two months in solitary confinement before his case went to trial. Read More.

  • Sep. 15, 2022 | India Faithful Preacher Dies After Beating by Hindu Radicals [2] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Sita and children. Biman was preaching the gospel in five villages near his home, intending to plant churches. In one village, he was tutoring poor children, hoping to also lead their parents to Christ. Read More.

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