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Cameroonian women disfigured in twisted acts of persecution.

Pray with Cameroonian women disfigured in twisted persecution acts.

August 7, 2019 by Lindy Lowry

We share the image below and news with you as a reminder of the brutal reality our brothers and sisters are walking through. On any given day, armed extremists can storm into a village and kill—leaving surviving Christians mutilated and traumatized. We also share this because as the Body of Christ, we are called to pray for and with one another—pushing back the darkness. Please pray with us for these victims, the tiny village of Kalagari and other villages susceptible to the brutality of Islamic extremist groups like Boko Haram.

Sun had set and families in the tiny village of Kalagari in northern Camaroon were ending their day when Boko Haram militants reportedly stormed the area—the second Boko Haram attack the village of less than 150 Africans has faced in less than a week.

During the attack, militants chased away members of the village’s vigilante group. Then they turned their attention to the women in the village, taking eight hostage. Before releasing some of them (it’s not clear if all have been released), Boko Harammilitants barbarically cut off the ears of their captives. The women are currently receiving medical care.

Warning: The photo below shows graphic details that may be disturbing to some readers.

There is much to pray about in this situation. Our field has asked us to specifically pray:

Please pray for both physical and emotional healing for these women who have suffered beyond comprehension for their  faith in Christ.Pray for those who have lost loved ones in recent attacks to experience the Holy Spirit’s working in their lives as they grieve.Pray also for the Christian community in this region. The situation is extremely difficult; people are fearful of the next attack. Ask God to fill His people with hope—that He would be ever-present with them and they would sense His presence in new and surprising ways.Pray for the armed forces’ wisdom and a strong sense of accountability as they work to protect civilians.Pray with us for peace in Africa where attacks and the threat of attack by Islamic extremists continue in almost daily occurrences against the church.

Top photo: representative image used

Persecution of Christians is the issue of our day. Please take action and join us in this fight.

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