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Release International Prayer Shields, Malaysia, India


Pray for new converts, many of whom struggle with pressure to lay aside their newfound faith, and pressure to engage worldly behaviour.

Number of Prayers 3


The challenges of house church meetings remain high, especially among those who are ethnically Malay. Please pray for protection and an unfailing faith.

Number of Prayers 23



The authorities recently sent a memorandum to local bakeries, forbidding them from using the words ‘Merry Christmas’ on cakes. It is alleged that it was against legal Halal requirements. Pray that common sense would prevail.

Number of Prayers 26


Praise God that He is still working within this oppressive culture, and that many from Islamic backgrounds are continuing to embrace Christianity.

Number of Prayers 29


There is fear amongst many Malay believers, who are sensing an increased pressure on them to remain secret and silent about their faith in Jesus. Pray for strength and perseverance.

Number of Prayers 40


Continue to pray for Susanna Koh who continues to be involved in court proceedings to uncover the whereabouts of her husband, Pastor Raymond Koh, who was abducted off the street in 2017.

Number of Prayers 32


Pray that the leadership of our partner Operation Philemon would enjoy great wisdom, courage and protection as they minister in a land of so much opportunity and thirst for the gospel and yet under so much pressure both from the state and Hindu fundamentalists.

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