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Christian Iranian arrests increase. Repressive laws considered. Staunch Christian wife brings spouse to Christ.

Front-line workers in Iran report an increase in the number of Christians being arrested, partly due to regional tensions and conflicts. “Persecution against Iranian Christians is rising,” a front-line worker said. “Every Christmas and Easter, officials usually arrest some Christians, but this year the number went way up, and we’re concerned about what might occur around Easter.” The worker mentioned that in the past, Iranian officials would occasionally arrest church leaders and later release them with a strong suggestion that the Christians leave the country. “But now the officials are holding onto people’s passports and regularly keeping them detained,” the front-line worker said. “Please pray that God will make believers invisible to Iranian authorities.”


The State Commission of Religious Affairs (SCRA) in Kyrgyzstan has proposed new religion laws. The laws currently in effect in this Central Asian country already require registration of churches and limit how churches can form, but the proposed laws are even more stringent. The laws require registration and regular re-registration as well as intrusive reporting procedures. They also set the minimum size for an organization restrictively high and require “founding members” to provide signatures and identifying information, opening individual Christians up to surveillance and harassment. The laws allow the SCRA to submit a church’s beliefs to “expert analysis” and require SCRA permission for any religious education or offsite activities. Even names, logos and symbols of organizations would require SCRA authorization. Penalties for violations are expected to be harsher than before.


Anisha and Ashish, who married early in 2023, went to a local church in search of healing from demonic spirits that harassed Ashish. Church members prayed for them, and Ashish was healed. The newlyweds began to read the Bible they had received at the church and soon wanted to place their trust in Jesus Christ. When Ashish’s parents found the Bible, they insisted that the young couple renounce Christ and stop going to church. Ashish agreed, but Anisha did not. She was forced to leave the home without money for food or shelter, so the local church helped her with basic needs. Soon, Ashish decided to join her again. Now Anisha asks for prayer for the strengthening of her husband’s faith and that they would together stand firm and be witnesses for Christ in their families. They are currently considering attending a training program to grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

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