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Pastor's children left stateless. Radical Moslem infiltrates secret Church. Leaving vengeance behind.

Christians in Bhutan often risk losing their citizenship or other rights because of their faith in Christ. Pastor Abhaya and his wife have been denied a marriage certificate by the government, which jeopardizes their whole family, especially their children, who have been denied citizenship. The family may have to relocate to another country for the sake of their children. Pray for this family as they make decisions related to their future and the church Pastor Abhaya leads. Pray that Christian families in Bhutan will be able to meet the needs of their families despite this kind of pressure.


The pastor of a small underground church for Christian converts on the Arabian Peninsula suspected that one member of the group wasn’t a genuine follower of Christ. Though the man had attended meetings for several months, the pastor felt unsettled toward him. When the pastor confronted the man, he admitted to being part of a group working to stop Muslims from placing their trust in Christ. Surprisingly, the infiltrator still wanted to participate in the meetings even after he admitted to spying on the group. When the pastor told the man that he could no longer attend, he became very angry. The pastor is concerned about what may happen next and asks for prayer that he, his church and others like it will be protected from those who want to stop the advance of the gospel.


Two brothers, Pastor Pramod and Pastor Dilip, lead a group of 17 growing churches, and the members of one of these churches began constructing a new church building. Suddenly, a group of Hindu radicals swept into the location and completely destroyed the newly laid foundation. The radicals identified Pramod and Dilip as active evangelists who are promoting Christianity in that area, and they threatened them with physical harm. Pray for these two pastors’ protection and courage and that the Christians of the area would be comforted and encouraged.

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