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Christian murdered for protecting her daughter from rape.

Christian killed for protecting her daughter ‘Sunita’ (not her real name) was killed because she refused to allow rapists to abuse her child again. They had raped her daughter three times before, she had learnt – and the 26-year-old mother was not going to let it happen again. When she went out to confront the two men who had come for her daughter in the night, they murdered her on her doorstep, then threw her body in a river. She is the fifth Christian to be killed in India in two months. Please pray for Sunita’s family, especially her daughter who was abused. Their pastor, Jaymasih Nag, said Sunita’s killers had also assaulted three other Christian girls in Regadi village in Jharkhand state. Christian girls are deliberately targeted by Hindus, he added. Sunita had been receiving threatening calls from the rapists but had not told anyone out of shame or fear, Pastor Jaymasih said. Her husband works away from home: they have four children aged two to 13. Police have reportedly arrested two men on suspicion of rape. But Sunita’s family have received death threats and been pressured to drop charges: they are now in hiding. Sunita’s murder follows four other killings in India since late-May, including the stoning to death of teenager Samaru in Odisha and the death of Bajjo Bai Mandavi, a widow from Chhattisgarh. 
  • Please pray that Sunita’s family will know God is ‘close to the broken-hearted’ (Psalm 34:18). Pray too for their protection.

  • Continue to pray for justice for the families of those who have been killed in recent weeks – and previously. Pray that the Lord will work ‘righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed’ in India (Psalm 103:6).

  • Pray that the church in India will stand strong and speak out against its oppressors, and pray that the authorities will do more to defend vulnerable Christians.

(Source: Morning Star News) Please CLICK if you prayed.I prayed!Please forward this to Christian friends so that they can pray and act too. If you received this from a friend please click here to subscribe directly.

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