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Christians in the Muslim-dominated east of Ethiopia suffer intense persecution


PASTOR ADANE: “IN WHATEVER SITUATION, GOD HAS A SOLUTION”  Christians in the Muslim-dominated east of Ethiopia suffer intense persecution – which Pastor Adane* (pictured), who leads a church in the region, has experienced for himself. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has only added to their troubles – believers are not receiving government aid.  Pastor Adane says, “We asked our church members, both in the rural and urban areas, but they have not received any of the support given by the government.”   Despite feeling overwhelmed by these challenges, Adane’s faith is strong. “God’s words are inside my heart,” he says. “When I pass through all these troubles, they encourage me. In whatever situation, He has a solution and He is my protection.”    Read more of Pastor Adane’s story, and how your prayers and support can make a difference to the church in Ethiopia. PLEASE PRAY: 

  • Thank God for Pastor Adane’s ministry and his resilience in the face of such difficult and desperate circumstances 

  • For God’s provision for believers in Ethiopia who do not receive support from their local government

  • That God will protect Open Doors partners across sub-Saharan Africa who are working hard to provide food and aid. 

*Name changed for security reasons  

GOVERNMENT-MONITORED FAITH IN TAJIKISTAN Sunni Islam is the official religion of Tajikistan, and society believes that to be Tajik is to be Muslim. Becoming a Christian brings shame on the family; The few believers from Muslim backgrounds often hide their faith for fear of punishment. All Christian activity is monitored by the government; church groups must be registered, and sermons must be pre-approved. Under-18s are forbidden from taking part in religious activities and summer camps have been raided.   Open Doors strengthens persecuted Christians in Central Asia with literature, training, medical care and development projects.    What’s life like for Christians in Tajikistan? A prayer for Tajikistan  Heavenly Father, thank You that there is no place on earth that Your presence doesn’t dwell. Please protect Your church in Tajikistan from false accusations and government surveillance; help them to find ways to meet together safely to worship You. Show believers how they can carry on sharing the gospel and revealing Your love to their communities. Amen.   With many thanks for your prayers.


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