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Christians put at back of queue for aid needed as a result of the Corona virus scare.

. HEENA, INDIA: “WE NEED TO CONTINUE TO HELP OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS” In the UK and Ireland, we’re still being very cautious about meeting friends, family and as a church. But as lockdown measures gradually ease here, things are getting worse for our brothers and sisters in India. Each day, the number of new cases is higher than the day before – and the country has reported at least 18,000 new cases each day for the past five days. Sadly, Christians are still likely to be the last in line to receive vital food and aid. Heena* and other Open Doors partners in the region have met many Christians who have been denied help explicitly because of their faith. “It’s difficult to deal with all these requests. But we have no choice,” says Heena. “We need to continue to help our brothers and sisters. Despite the critical health risks, we do not stop distributing ration supplies wherever we can.” Find out how your prayers and support are keeping vulnerable families in India alive. PLEASE PRAY:

  • For believers in India who are struggling financially, that God will provide all they need

  • For Open Doors partners in India, that they would be protected in their work and that God would make a way for them to continue to distribute aid

  • That the coronavirus would stop spreading in India.

*Name changed for security reasons REFUGEE CHRISTIANS IN CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC The Central African Republic (CAR), number 25 on the World Watch List, has been embroiled in conflict since 2013 and most of the country is occupied by armed militia groups, responsible for a range of human rights abuses. Christian leaders who have publicly denounced the violence have been threatened and church buildings have been burned and ransacked. The conflict has led to the displacement of thousands of Christians, forced to live in camps and having lost their homes and livelihoods. Open Doors supports Christians in central CAR through persecution survival and discipleship training, trauma care and the distribution of aid and Bibles. What’s it like to follow Jesus in CAR? A prayer for Central African Republic Heavenly Father, thank You that You promise to be alongside us wherever we find ourselves. Strengthen and encourage Your people in the Central African Republic – especially those who are displaced and living far from home. Protect them from violence and give them today their daily bread. Sustain Your church and help their witness to draw others to You. Amen. With many thanks for your prayers. Per Hebrews 13:3 please "Remember those in prison" on this forum: James, Messiah's brother, speaking to Paul, Acts 21: Therefore do just what we tell you.. Thus everybody will know that there is no truth in what they have been told about you, but that you yourself walk in observance of the Law.

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