Court hearing rescheduled again for Iranian Christian leaders.

  1. For the Lord’s justice to prevail, that Pastor Victor and Shamiram will eventually be acquitted of all charges against themThat all the defendants and their families would know the peace, love, hope and joy of God as they wait for more newsThat the Lord will strengthen and encourage all Iranian Christians who are falsely accused of acts against national security simply because of their Christian faith and activities.COURT HEARING RESCHEDULED YET AGAIN FOR IRANIAN CHURCH LEADERS Frustratingly, the court hearings for Pastor Victor Bet-Tamraz and his wife Shamiram Isavi Khabizeh, appealing against prison sentences relating to their church activities, have been postponed yet again.They arrived at the court on Monday 24 February with their lawyers, only to be told their cases could not be heard because a summons for another Christian, Hadi Asgari, also represented by Shamiram’s lawyer, had not been sent.Their son Ramiel (pictured above with his parents), who was admitted to Evin prison in January, is due for early release in March.Read more about Pastor Victor and Shamiram’s case, and how Ramiel is holding on to hope in prison.PLEASE PRAY:

  2. DETERMINATION IN SUDAN (#7) In Sudan, which is number 7 on the World Watch List, there is no freedom of the press and no freedom of expression. Blasphemy laws are being used to persecute Christians – many are afraid to share their faith. Leaving Islam to follow Jesus is illegal and can be punished with the death sentence, and believers from Muslim backgrounds often keep their faith completely secret.Through local partners, Open Doors provides food aid, trauma care and training for church leaders so they can disciple believers facing persecution.Meet Seida*, a Sudanese widow living for Jesus in the Nuba Mountains.A prayer for Sudan Lord Jesus, thank You for the determination of Christians like Seida who are choosing to follow You at great personal cost. Help them to continue to stand strong in their faith and be a witness to their families and communities. Bring Your peace and healing to the nation.*Name has been changed for security reasons.

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