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Death toll grows in Nigerian state.

NIGERIA: Christian death toll grows in Nigerian state

Six Christians were killed by militant Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists in Nigeria’s Benue state two weeks ago, just the latest in a growing list of believers to lose their lives in the state in the past few weeks.

Morning Star News reported a local resident as saying that the attackers, who were riding motorcycles, targeted predominantly Christian villages in Ushongo county on the evening of July 16.


Thank you for your prayers for Mangu local government area in Nigeria’s Plateau state where a curfew was imposed by the authorities (see Prayer Alert, July 21) following attacks on Christian communities by Fulani militants.

Our partner has reported that the curfew has now been relaxed during the day and people are beginning to go in and out of the areas where the Fulani herdsmen struck.

He added: ‘Please continue to pray and raise prayers for the displaced, the injured and those in the internally displaced persons (IDP) camps. We have 19 camps in different areas mostly in church schools and church compounds. I see unity amidst our brethren in the camps. No one is talking about denominations here. They are but "Christians!". God has everything under control. Please pray along and the Lord be with you always.’


  • Pray that Christians in Benue and Plateau states and other areas throughout north and central Nigeria will know God’s strength and comfort as they face persecution. Pray for comfort for the bereaved and displaced as well as healing for the injured and traumatised,

  • Thank God for the unity that is prevailing among the Christians in the IDP camps,

  • Pray for an end to the brutal, two-decades-long persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

(Source: Morning Star News; Release International partner)

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