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Harsh laws targeting Christians revoked.

Sudan has more than 30 years of Islamist rule and is at number 7 on the World Watch List – but now plans to scrap the apostasy law, under which those leaving Islam are sentenced to death, as well as banning flogging and more. Praise God!  “This is an answer to years of fervent prayer by Christians around the world,” says an Open Doors spokesperson.  How will these new reforms affect persecuted believers in Sudan? PLEASE PRAY: 

  • For the successful introduction of these measures and that they will usher in new freedoms of belief in Sudan 

  • That hardline Islamists would not be able to prevent the changes taking place 

  • That there will be no backlash against Christians and other minorities. 

MASSIVE LEAP IN PERSECUTION IN BURKINA FASO Burkina Faso entered the top 50 of the Open Doors World Watch List for the first time this year, overtaking 30 countries to land at number 28 – the greatest escalation in Christian persecution in the world. The level of violence there is now considered extreme and thousands of Christians have been displaced due to the rapid spread of Islamic extremist ideology. Tragically, more than 50 Christians were murdered in 2019.   But thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors’ local partners have helped hundreds of displaced believers with emergency aid. They’re also providing trauma care, leadership and discipleship training and persecution survival training.   What’s it like to follow Jesus in Burkina Faso? A prayer for Burkina Faso  Lord Jesus, You know how it feels to flee Your home due to violence. Comfort our sisters and brothers in Burkina Faso who have lost their homes and livelihoods. Restore all that they have lost and strengthen local churches to serve their communities. Turn the hearts of extremists to You and turn the tide of violence sweeping the country. Amen.    With many thanks for your prayers.

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