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Hearings for missing Pastor. Increased access, native language Bibles. Christians can't be citizens.

  • Jun. 01, 2023 | Malaysia Upcoming Hearings in Case of Missing Pastor [85] prayers in [8] nations have been posted for Susanna Koh and family. On Feb. 13, 2017, Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted off the streets of Malaysia. In 2019, Malaysia's Human Rights Commission issued a report blaming the abduction on the "Special Branch" of Malaysia's police. No one has since been held accountable, and Pastor Koh's whereabouts and condition remain unknown. Read More.

  • Jun. 01, 2023 | Ethiopia Increasing Access to Bibles in Native Languages [50] prayers in [6] nations have been posted for Ethiopians without Bibles. Though Ethiopia is a majority-Christian nation, many Ethiopians lack access to Bibles in their native languages. VOM is working with front-line ministers to give Bibles to every Ethiopian Christian, including Bibles in native languages such as Amharic, Omoro and Tigrinya. Read More.

  • Jun. 01, 2023 | Bhutan Christian Workers Deprived of Citizenship [48] prayers in [7] nations have been posted for Pastor Nidup, Pastor Deki and Ratno. In the kingdom of Bhutan, where Buddhism is regarded as the only acceptable religion, Christians are often refused citizenship cards and other official documents needed for employment, education and most necessities. Pastor Deki and her son, Ratno, have been denied citizenship cards because of their Christian work. Read More.

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