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Hindu believers assaulted and arrested. Children hear Gospel. Villagers killed and kidnapped.

  • Dec. 09, 2021 | India Hindu Nationalist Mob Assaults Christians; Police Arrest Believers Instead [7] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Attacked Christians. On Oct. 17, about 500 Hindu nationalists beat and stoned more than 60 Christians and detained them, accusing them of forcefully converting Hindus to Christianity. When police arrived, they watched the attacks occur, but then detained the Christians instead of those in the mob, who even vandalized vehicles belonging to the believers. Read More.

  • Dec. 09, 2021 | Lebanon 80 Children Hear the Gospel at Sports Camp [5] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Children hearing the gospel. Front-line workers held a "sports day" evangelistic outreach event in November for youth of all backgrounds, including several Muslim children. Read More.

  • Dec. 09, 2021 | Nigeria Ten Killed, Dozens Kidnapped in Attacks on Christian Villages [5] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Families of murdered believers. Militant Fulani Muslims attacked a church service in southern Kaduna state, killing two and kidnapping dozens. Eight others, including a pastor, were killed in earlier attacks on predominantly Christian villages. Read More.

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