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Hope and challenges for Pastor George in Syria. Tunisia.

How you can pray for Pastor George.HOPE AND CHALLENGES FOR PASTOR GEORGE IN SYRIA The Syrian civil war began almost a decade ago. Before the war, there were about 1.8 million Christians in the country. Now there are only about 800,000 left. Amongst the Christians still there, hope is shining – and your support is helping make that possible. Pastor George is an Open Doors partner, and your prayers and gifts continue to enable him and his church to support the local community through dark and difficult years. Wonderfully, despite the huge challenges, Pastor George’s church has grown! “Although the war was so awful,” he explains, “God turned ashes into beauty – a lot of people came to Christ.”  But 2020 remains filled with enormous challenges, including the invisible threat of a pandemic – and the grave dangers of starvation, poverty and isolation that come with it. Your faithful support for our family in Syria remains as vital as ever. PLEASE PRAY:

  • For God's provision for Syrian Christians who urgently need for food and aid

  • That God would protect believers from a Muslim background facing persecution

  • That Pastor George and his church may be able to bring hope and love to their community.

INCREASING VIOLENCE IN TUNISIA (#34) Christians in Tunisia are a very tiny minority, numbering just over 23,000. They make up 0.2 per cent of the population.  The country is a strongly Islamic society. While the more urban north of the country tends to follow a more moderate form of Islam, the more rural south remains conservative. There is a noticeable growing influence of radical Islamic teachings, and Islamic militants spread fear throughout the country. Tunisian believers all come from Muslim backgrounds and will often keep their faith hidden. If their faith is discovered, they may lose their jobs, be rejected by family and friends, and face verbal and physical abuse. violence against Christians in Tunisia has risen dramatically, causing the country to rise three places on the Open Doors World Watch List, from number 37 in 2019 to number 34 in 2020. What’s life like for Christians in Tunisia? A prayer for Tunisia  Heavenly Father, thank You for Your small but faithful church in Tunisia. Let each Christian today know with fresh assurance the depths of Your love for them, and protect and strengthen those who are especially vulnerable to hostility, discrimination and attack because of their Muslim background. May Your church walk in boldness and courage, and may its presence be felt powerfully across the nation. Amen.  With many thanks for your prayer.

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