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Coronavirus is having an enormous effect on all of our lives – many of you will be celebrating Mother’s Day differently from normal. But it’s still a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the mothers in our lives, whether biological, adopted or spiritual. Motherhood is not easy – and for some persecuted Christian women, becoming a mother has required extraordinary courage and faith. Ijanada from Nigeria is a 20-year-old mother of two. When she was just 14 years old, Boko Haram kidnapped her and took her to a camp, where they married her off to one of the fighters. Her son Luka was born to her during her time in captivity; after four years, pregnant with her daughter Warasini, she managed to escape. And yet, despite the trauma she faced, Jesus has redeemed her, her children and her story. Discover Ijanada's courage and find out how your prayers and support have brought hope and healing. Let's give thanks to God for all the mothers in our lives - and for mothers around the world, like Ijanada, who are raising children in especially difficult circumstances. Ask that God will clothe them with strength and dignity, that they may be able to laugh at the days to come. (Proverbs 31:25) PLEASE PRAY:

For Ijanada and her children, for God’s continued healing in their livesFor Open Doors partners in Nigeria and elsewhere as they continue to run trauma care programmes for Christian women persecuted for both their faith and their genderFor those who struggle to celebrate Mother's Day, that God would comfort them and bless them.FAITH OVER FEAR IN INDIA (#10) Across India, number 10 on the World Watch List, churches and Christians face horrific levels of violence from extremists. Anti-conversion laws are being adopted by more and more states, and are often used as an excuse to disrupt church services and harass Christians. Many Indian Christians living in rural areas are incredibly isolated – their stories of persecution often go unheard. Open Doors works with local churches to strengthen the Indian church by providing emergency aid, persecution survival training and helping Indian Christians to understand their legal rights. Meet courageous Tara* - isolated in her own home because of her faith. A prayer for India Heavenly Father, thank You for the perseverance of Christians in India, who are determined to keep following You no matter the cost. Strengthen believers who live in isolated areas and protect them from violence. Embolden Your church to worship You and proclaim the gospel unafraid. *Name changed for security reasons With many thanks for your prayers, Henrietta Blyth CEO, Open Doors UK & Ireland

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