Islamists kill 30 in Kaduna State, destroy 200 homes.

Please pray for Christians in Nigeria’s Kaduna State after the latest attack by Islamist militants left more than 30 people dead.

Extremists attacked the town of Kagoro on Sunday evening, destroying about 200 houses in the three-hour raid.

One of Release International’s partners for Nigeria received a report that the Islamist Fulani had arrived in a military-coloured truck with guns mounted on tripods. They looted, killed and torched homes during the attack, he said.

One resident told Morning Star News: “My mum’s family houses were all razed and one of my cousins was burnt to death in their house. We haven’t been able to reach some of our relatives. Lord, please, this is too much for us.”

In a statement issued on Tuesday the Kaduna chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) said that Christians were grieving “the continued killings, kidnappings, banditry and the unimaginable evil going on in our state unabated, without any substantial action by the government and security forces.”


For those who have lost loved ones in this latest atrocity: that they may know the sustaining grace of God.

  • For church leaders in the area, to be able to provide wise counsel to survivors.

  • For more action on the part of the Nigerian government and security forces to protect Christian communities from repeated Islamist militant atrocities.

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