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Killed, wounded, missing. Street ministry. Care pack strengthens faith.

  • Jun. 17, 2021 | Nigeria One Killed and Others Wounded, Missing After Islamist Attack on Church [147] prayers in [13] nations have been posted for Haske Baptist Church members. Radical Fulani Muslims killed one, wounded another and kidnapped five others in an attack on Haske Baptist Church in Manini Tasha village, Kaduna state. Read More.

  • Jun. 17, 2021 | Iran Sowing Gospel Seeds Through Street Ministry [86] prayers in [9] nations have been posted for Front-line workers. Economic conditions in Iran have led to extremely high inflation and increased unemployment. Many who have lost jobs and financial stability are living on the streets, and front-line workers have observed children foraging for food in trash bins in order to relieve their hunger. As a result, pastors and workers in the Iranian house church network have begun ministering to those on the streets. Read More.

  • Jun. 17, 2021 | Pakistan Christmas Care Pack Strengthens Faith in God [71] prayers in [8] nations have been posted for Anila. Anila is a young girl who lives with her older sister, mother, and alcoholic father who spends all of the family's money on his addiction. The family has experienced much emotional trauma because of his alcoholism, and Anila's mother has attempted suicide. Read More.

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