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Mary, imprisoned with 10 lashes in Iran.

Updated: May 20, 2020

MARY, IRAN: “I OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN ACQUITTED”  Thank you for your continued prayers for Mary Mohammadi (pictured), a 21-year-old Christian activist in Iran. She has been sentenced to three months plus one day in prison and 10 lashes in response to her alleged participation in a demonstration against the shooting down of a Ukrainian airplane this January. According to Article18, Mary says: “There was no evidence against me, so I ought to have been acquitted, but instead I was sentenced not only to imprisonment, but also flogging.” Her sentence is suspended for one year, and is dependent on her conduct.   Read more of Mary’s story and how you can be praying for her. PLEASE PRAY:  

  • That Mary would not have to serve the sentence given her, and that God would provide a way out

  • For God’s healing and comfort for Mary and her family

  • That the Lord’s justice would prevail for all believers who are unfairly imprisoned in Iran at this time. 

SIGNS OF REVIVAL IN ALGERIA Christians in Algeria are unable to share their faith openly due to strict blasphemy laws, which can lead to imprisonment and fines. Believers from Muslim backgrounds face most pressure, and female converts are sometimes placed under house-arrest by their families. But despite the dangers, Christians are seeing amazing growth and signs of new revival! Open Doors partners support the church in North Africa through training, distributing Bibles and Christian literature, and advocating for the rights of North African believers.  What’s life like for Christians in Algeria? A prayer for Algeria  Lord Jesus, thank You for the resilience of the church in Algeria, and that they are growing. Give them strength and creativity to keep on sharing the gospel and making Your light and love known in their communities. Protect believers from Muslim backgrounds who are facing persecution from their families – especially those who must live isolated from other believers. Amen.  With many thanks for your prayers,

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