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Nigerian Christians endure relentless attacks.

Two weeks ago we asked you to pray for Christians in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna state after 30 believers were killed by Islamist militants.

Sadly the violence has continued, with another 50 murdered in the same state and 100 abducted with homes burned down.

Please pray for the many bereaved and injured in the region, as the Nigerian government once again fails to protect its people.

According to Morning Star News (MSN) Fulani herdsmen killed around 50 believers in attacks on 10 predominantly Christian communities in Giwa county, Kaduna, on March 24. A priest, Rev Felix Zakari, was among around 100 taken captive. Locals reported that a church building as well as houses and stores had been burned down and animals killed.

Local resident Nuhu Musa told MSN by text message: ‘They didn’t allow even the dead bodies to be buried, as they shot at mourners and those who returned to the villages to conduct funerals for those killed.’

Women and children were among the dead, Musa said, adding: ‘Giwa … is bleeding’.

Another area resident, Muazu Gogi, lamented the government’s failure to protect villagers against such attacks, which have become commonplace in Kaduna.

‘Pray for us to survive these attacks by herdsmen and bandits,’ Gogi said. ‘These herdsmen and bandits attacked several villages in Giwa and killed more than 50 persons. The government is aware about the killings and destructions by these Fulani terrorists and armed bandits but is unable to protect the people.’

The violence has not been confined to Kaduna. On March 23, Fulani militants were reported to have murdered three Christians in Benue, following the slaughter of more than 20 people in predominantly Christian areas of the state earlier in the month, sources said.

In Niger state, a priest, Rev Leo Ozigi, was understood to have been among 45 Christians abducted from at least six villages at the end of March.


Chinese street evangelist ‘Gospel Warrior’ Chen Wensheng was released from detention at the end of March after serving another 15 days of detention for preaching the gospel.

Chen was grateful that he was detained for preaching, believing that it was a rare opportunity God had given him to share the Christian message in detention and at a drug rehabilitation centre, according to our partner ChinaAid.

‘Thank God for granting me the opportunity to preach the gospel outside, to share the gospel in Hengyang Municipal Detention Centre while police detained me there for seven days, and then to proclaim the gospel in Hengyang Municipal Drug Rehab Centre for eight days,’ he said. ‘Thank God for bringing me home safely this morning, glory to God! Dear friends, please lift up those who heard the gospel in your prayers.’

Afterward, Chen Wensheng proclaimed the gospel in the streets as usual.


  • For peace and comfort for all those who have been bereaved and for the families and friends of those abducted in Nigeria.

  • That all those abducted by the terrorists, both in these recent raids and in previous attacks, would be freed and reunited with their families.

  • That God would move by His mighty power to end the violence in northern Nigeria that has been perpetrated against Christians for many years.


  • Thank God for the commitment, and release from detention, of Chen Wensheng who faithfully proclaims the gospel in the face of continued opposition.

(Source: Morning Star News reports; ChinaAid)

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