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Nisreen in Syria came for food and left with Jesus.

NISREEN IN SYRIA CAME FOR FOOD BUT LEFT WITH JESUS “I was in desperate need at that moment,” Nisreen remembers. “My children had nothing to eat. I was very tired, I was emotionally exhausted.” It’s why Nisreen, a Muslim, visited a Centre of Hope in Qamishli, Syria, which supports the most vulnerable in the community, Christian or otherwise. There she got talking to Abu Farid*, a volunteer, who talked to her about Jesus for an hour and a half. “At the end, I asked: ‘You talked about Jesus and you said that He came for all people, is it possible that I can become a Christian?’ He replied ‘Of course, Christ came for the whole world!’” Read more about Nisreen’s wonderfully uplifting story – and how your support is helping bring hope to Syria. *Name changed for security reasons PLEASE PRAY:

  • That Nisreen’s family would also discover the truth of God’s love for them

  • For strength and resilience for Nisreen and other vulnerable believers in Syria

  • That Open Doors partners would be equipped to support their communities during the Covid-19 crisis.

FEARFUL ENVIRONMENT FOR BRUNEI BELIEVERS Brunei – the tiny country separated into two sections on the northern tip of Borneo in southeast Asia – has a population of 439,000, with Christians numbering just over 55,000 (13%). The nation is led by the Sultan of Brunei, who is seen as the protector and defender of Islam. In April 2019, Sharia (Islamic law) was fully implemented, leaving Christians deeply concerned over what it will mean for the church. Non-traditional Christian communities cannot be registered as churches but as secular entities, requiring them to submit annual financial and operational reports to the government. The sultan has power to close a church down at any time. It’s a fearful atmosphere for Christians to live in. Conversion from Islam is illegal, and believers from Muslim backgrounds come under intense pressure to return to their original faith. Read more about what life is like for Christians in Brunei. A prayer for Brunei Lord Jesus, may Your peace conquer any fear that believers in Brunei may be currently experiencing. Give Christians a fearless confidence in You which further galvanises their worship and witness. Grant them wisdom as they navigate different restrictions and impositions. Give the sultan a life-transforming revelation of Your love and power. Let Your kingdom come in Brunei. Amen.

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