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Pakistani Christians after mob attack.

Dear Patricia, The stench of acid and sewage, blackened walls, hollowed-out windows, broken arches of churches, desecrated crosses. This is what parts of the Pakistani city of Jaranwala look like after mobs of thousands attacked the Christian community there on August 16. Last week, we alerted you to what happened. This week, we’re sharing what Open Doors local partners on the ground are seeing and hearing as they visit with and pray with survivors. One partner shared: “[The attackers] would go into homes and churches, pile the Bibles high, and set them alight; they pulled down crosses from churches, destroying whatever they could find.”Read the stories from PakistanThe reports are horrific and underscore our need to pray. That’s why we’re sharing 10 ways you can pray for Pakistan’s Christians. Yet we’re encouraged to also hear that in the wake of so much ugliness and hurt, believers continue to turn to Christ, drawing from His strength and hope and even praising God. The following Sunday after the attacks, Christians in Jaranwala continued to pray and worship together, gathering for a church service amid broken glass and piles of rubble. As you pray this week, remember these hurting communities. They are part of our Church and our family. And they’re asking for our prayers.

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