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Pastor faces year in jail. Sons abandon and abuse Christian father. Transformed by the Word.

After someone posted a video online of Pastor Keshab Raj Acharya praying against the spread of coronavirus in 2020, police arrested him for spreading misinformation about the virus, claiming that he told people they would be immune to it if they converted to Christianity. Investigations revealed other videos recording baptisms of new Christian converts, which further riled authorities. Eventually, the charges included "outraging religious sentiment," proselytizing and other violations of anti-conversion laws.


When Dong became a believer in Jesus Christ, his adult sons became angry that he followed what they saw as a foreign religion. They moved out of his house and took all his farmland and supplies for themselves, leaving him no way to grow food or earn income. Dong appealed to the village chief, who said he would only intervene with the sons if Dong agreed to give up his Christian faith. Dong would not renounce his faith in Christ. Rejection by family and community is a common form of persecution in Laos.


Pastor Osman was once a practitioner of witchcraft. “I have killed many people,” he said. One day, a pastor visited his village and shared the gospel with Osman, and the message of Christ’s forgiveness changed Osman’s heart. “It was very difficult for me to leave my practice of witchcraft,” he said. “This message sounded good to me to be free from the evil that I was in. The pastor said that whatever you have done, God will forgive you.” After receiving an audio Bible, Osman continued to be changed by God’s Word. “I would listen to it secretly,” he said. “What really caught my attention was in Matthew where Jesus said we should love our fellow man as God has loved us. This really touched my heart.” When others in Osman’s community learned he had left his occult activities, they conspired to kill him, surrounding his house. Osman prayed and escaped. He now continues to use the audio Bible to help him memorize scripture.

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