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Pastor's home, Church, stoned. Freed prisoner grateful for prayers. False accusations.

  • Oct. 05, 2023 | Kenya Muslims Stone Church, Pastor's Home [13] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Pastor Matthew. Pastor Matthew leads a small church in northern Kenya. Every Sunday as he preaches, Muslims from the surrounding neighborhood pummel the church with rocks. They occasionally throw stones at the home where he, his wife and their four children live. Their family and other Christians in the town are regularly discriminated against, especially at funerals, which are usually communal events. Pastor Matthew recalled attending a funeral where he was served a meal and sat down to eat with a group of men. Read More.

  • Oct. 05, 2023 | Eritrea Former Prisoner Grateful for Prayers [9] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Joseph. A Christian imprisoned in Eritrea several times for his faith expressed gratitude to the global body of Christ for their ongoing support in prayer: "You have been praying for us, and I want to thank you," Joseph said. He also shared how communism is Eritrea's most significant challenge and that its president, who trained in China, launched a brutal crackdown on the Christian community in 2004, closing most churches and arresting many Christian leaders. Those imprisoned without trial are held in inhumane conditions, including metal shipping containers. Read More.

  • Oct. 05, 2023 | India Pastor and Elders Sentenced Under Anti-Conversion Law [12] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Pastor Jawahar. On Dec. 26, 2021, Pastor Jawahar was in his home in Madhya Pradesh state, talking with other members of the church, when Hindu fanatics - including police officers - entered, accusing these Christians of trying to convert Hindus by fraud. After interrogation and intimidation in the home, the police took Jawahar and two elders to the police station and charged them with coerced conversion under the state's so-called "Freedom of Religion" law. Pastor Jawahar was jailed for 45 days without due legal process. Read More.

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