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Prayers for persecuted women and United Arab Emirates.

One year after 16,000 of you signed the Handmade Petition to declare that persecuted women are seen and loved, Open Doors signed the Declaration of Humanity, launched by the UK Government’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI). We caught up with one of the people who helped write it, Jacqueline Isaac, for an exclusive interview. A range of questions were covered – including what the Declaration is and why it’s needed, how it will impact the lives of real women, and the role you can play in supporting it. She also used the opportunity to show her appreciation for you: “Thank you for being guardians and protectors of these women and their stories and the communities they are fighting to preserve.” Read the full interview with Jacqueline Isaac and find out how you can continue to amplify the voices of our persecuted sisters around the world. PLEASE PRAY: Give thanks for the Declaration of Humanity and its power to make a real difference That the Declaration will have a big influence on the UK Government and others, and that local faith leaders will be instrumental in changing attitudes towards women For the Lord to show Christian women around the world today that He sees and loves them dearly.


Islam dominates private and public life in the United Arab Emirates as well as political discourse. The country is ruled by a dynasty that exerts pressure on society and does not allow any dissent. Freedom of expression, press and association are restricted. Believers from a Muslim background endure the most persecution. They face pressure from family members and the local community to recant their Christian faith, making it almost impossible for converts to reveal their new faith. Find out more about what it’s like to be a Christian in the United Arab Emirates. A prayer for the United Arab Emirates Lord Jesus, open up fresh ways for Christians in the UAE to express and share their faith without reprisal. Provide for converts relationships with other Christians to build them up in their faith. Protect them and give them sensitivity to your Holy Spirit’s leading, teaching and comfort in their lives. Use Your children to bring many more to a knowledge of your love and grace. Amen. With many thanks for your prayers.

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