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Acts 5:29 (NASB)

We must obey God rather than men.

Are we afraid of being branded rebels? Who is our master? Is it the god of this world or the Divine Creator? Are we worshipping created things rather than the Creator? Who are we more afraid of? Are we more afraid of the government than we are of God? A couple of certain immoral persuasion asks a Pastor to perform their "wedding." Does the Pastor have the courage to stand by His biblical convictions and refuse to perform that abomination? The same couple orders a "wedding" cake from a bakery. The young woman refuses due to her Christian faith. The local authorities arrest her for discrimination. Was she wrong to stand by God's word and His holiness? A child defies school authorities and prays over the Bible at the flag. The Principal summarily suspends him. Did the boy disobey his authorities, or did he obey God?

The men who followed Jesus of Nazareth were beaten, stoned, boiled in hot oil, cut in half, fed to the lions, and crucified upside down. Were they rebels, or were they God's greatest heroes? What say you, Saint? Whose rebel are you?

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