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Release International, Algeria and Nigeria


Chibok Christians have reportedly been attacked more than 100 times since the 2014 abduction of more than 276 Christian high school girls. Pray for concerted government action to end this cycle of violence in Nigeria.


Twenty-two girls were kidnapped in the Chibok area of Nigeria in January. Pray that they will be set free – along with 100 girls kidnapped in 2014 who are believed to remain in captivity.


Pray for the families of four believers who were killed within a fortnight in January, during raids on villages in the Chibok area of Borno state, Nigeria. Homes and churches were destroyed in the attacks, believed to be the work of Islamic State West Africa Province (Iswap), formerly known as Boko Haram.


Pray for Algeria’s young people, who make up a large percentage of the population in general, as well as the majority of Christians. Pray that they will respond with faith, not frustration, to the current restrictions.


Pray that God will use the current restrictions to draw many more Algerians into a relationship with Him.


Pray that the Algerian authorities will cease their campaign against churches and approve the re-registration of the EPA (Protestant Church of Algeria).


Pastor Salah Chalah, senior pastor of the largest Protestant church in Algeria, and president of the EPA (Protestant Church of Algeria), faces multiple charges, including ‘practicing non-Muslim rites without permission’, along with three other Christians. Pray they will all be acquitted.

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