Release International: Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka


Pray for Christians in Plateau, Kogi and Kano states in Nigeria affected by violence in October. When believers took to the streets to protest peacefully against violence by security forces, mobs took advantage of the unrest to attack churches.

Sri Lanka

Pray that God’s people in Sri Lanka will continue to play the role of peacemakers between different ethnic and religious groups – and that their contribution will be valued.

18 March 2021 – Sri Lanka

Pray that Sri Lankan Christians’ witness will serve as a powerful testimony to those around them, so that many will turn to Christ.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, a recent Christian funeral in Batticaloa was halted when about 50 villagers demanded that the funeral be conducted according to Hindu rites. Thank God police intervened so the funeral could continue.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, a pastor and his family were assaulted when a mob raided the Jesus Witness Church in Batticaloa district. Pray for repentance for the Hindu leaders believed to be implicated in this attack.

Sri Lanka

Please pray for the emotional, physical, and spiritual protection of Christians in Sri Lanka as they seek to live out their faith.


Hindu extremists have stepped up their opposition to Christians in India, and are trying to turn tribal communities against them. Groups in several states including Jharkhand are now demanding the withdrawal of benefits to Christian members of their tribes. Pray against such divisiveness.

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