Release International, Pakistan and Iran


Haroon Ayub Masih and Salamat Mansha Masih have been charged with blasphemy in Pakistan after being seen studying the Bible together in a park in Lahore. Pray charges will be dropped.


Iran has seen an exodus of believers and Christian workers. Pray that the move to online church activities will make it easier for believers to enjoy fellowship and halt the exodus.


Sam Khosravi and his wife Maryam lost their appeal in Iran against a ruling they were ‘unfit’ to retain custody of their adopted daughter, Lydia, because of their faith. Pray that God will find a way to reunite this family soon.


Pray for brothers Sam and Sasan Khosravi, and Habib Heydari, who recently lost their appeal in Iran against a one-year prison sentence. The brothers also face an additional sentence of two years in exile.


Pray that Ebrahim Firouzi’s films and his courage will help highlight religious rights abuses in Iran and help bring about greater religious freedom.


Ask God to protect Ebrahim Firouzi who was arrested then released on bail in February after making films publicising continual harassment by Iranian intelligence. He has been in enforced exile in southern Iran.


Pray for a dozen or so believers with a Muslim background in Karaj, Iran, who have reportedly been summoned to intelligence offices recently and ordered to stop meeting. They have refused to comply.

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