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Release International Prayer Requests, Iran and Sri Lanka


Pray for the ministry of our partner, Operation Daniel, amongst Iranians in Turkey, many of whom have come to faith there but are now starting to experience persecution.


Pray for our partner Operation Ephesians and its online counselling programme for Iranian women, many of whom have suffered abuse. May they know God’s love and find strength and hope through this programme.


Pray for all those involved in producing and distributing Bibles in Iran’s minority languages. May God’s word always reach those who need it most and be a source of strength to them.


Pray for opportunities for underground Christians to meet and enjoy fellowship together in larger numbers. May these meetings be protected and a great source of joy, encouragement and inspiration to those who attend.


Pray for the next generation of traditional and house church leaders in Iran whom James (see previous day’s prayer) and others are nurturing and training. May they always seek God’s will for their own lives and for those they lead.


Pray that God would grant wisdom, strength and guidance to our partner, ‘Brother James’, who leads a large network of house churches.


Praise God for Pastor Mayuradhn who was a Hindu priest violently opposed to Christianity before he met the Lord. Pray for his protection and encouragement as he now faces significant opposition in his ministry.

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