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Release International Prayer Requests, Uganda


Extremists in Uganda are suspected of the brutal murder of Alex Mukasa, a church elder in Luuka district, who had led Muslims to Christ. Pray for his community who are said to be in shock.


In Uganda, one of the teenagers who murdered Dante (12 & 13 January prayers) reportedly told Dante his own brother had turned to Christ because of Dante’s father Boaz’s ministry. Pray that this young man will repent and come to know Jesus’ love and forgiveness


Dante (12th January prayer) had angered local extremists for leading several teenagers to Christ. His late father, Boaz, had been well known locally as an evangelist. Pray that many more will come to Christ in Uganda through the ministries they set up.


While fishing with friends on Lake Lemwa, teenager Dante Tambika was beaten and strangled by extremists – for refusing to deny Christ. Pray for his family and surviving friends in Uganda.


Pray for the wife and three children of Pastor Barnabas Musana: he was killed by people in Uganda who objected to his evangelistic events and debates about Christianity and Islam.


Jafalan Muduwa and her young son were locked in a room and starved for two weeks in Butebo district, Uganda, when her husband discovered she had become a Christian. Thank God they were able to escape.


Relatives beat Mustafa Obbo when he returned to Tororo district in Uganda to visit his mother. A former sheikh, Mustafa had not been back since he became a Christian in 2018. Thank God that, just as his attackers were about to douse him in petrol, a vehicle approached, so they fled.

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