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Release International prayer shields, Afghanistan, Ukraine


Pray for the many Afghan Christians who have fled to Pakistan, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but continue to face opposition from communities hostile to Christianity.


Pray for those Christians in Afghanistan who have chosen to stay and face the danger so they can continue to be a witness and serve their people.


Pray for Afghans who have converted from Islam, believed to be at heightened risk since the Taliban takeover last year.


Pray that God will continue to work through SAT-7, a TV company partnering with Release International to spread the word of God across Afghan society.


Thank God for signs that the church in Afghanistan is growing. Pray for a move of God among younger Afghans, who Release contacts say are asking questions about Jesus.


Pray for the underground church in Afghanistan. As well as making house-to-house searches, Taliban officials are reportedly confiscating mobile phones to check for Christian content.


Pray for peace in Ukraine, a withdrawal of Russian troops and a revival in the Ukrainian church.

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