Release International Prayer Shields: Algeria and Indonesia


Pray for a change in Algerian law to end the deadlock over church licensing. Churches are currently required to have a licence for ‘non-Muslim worship’ – yet the authorities refuse to issue them.


Please pray for a Protestant congregation in Oran, Algeria: a court ordered their church to close in January. Pray that the church’s appeal against the ruling will be successful.


Between November 2017 and the end of January 2020, 12 churches in Algeria had been forcibly closed as part of a crackdown on Protestant congregations. Pray they will be allowed to reopen soon.


Pray for wisdom for leaders of a Baptist church near Semarang city, Java, Indonesia, which has been closed and denied permission for building works even though it has had planning permission for years.


Pray for the congregations of evangelical churches in Yogyakarta and in Sumatra that have been closed recently, following complaints by Muslim neighbours in Indonesia.


Pray that an increasing number of Christians in Indonesia will have a heart for sharing the gospel in their communities.


Radical Islamist groups in Indonesia continue to pose a threat to churches in more conservative areas such as Aceh. Pray for wisdom and courage for Christians in such places.

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