Release International Prayer Shields, Algeria and Iran


Pray for President Abdelmadjid Tebboune who came to power in 2019 promising social reform. Pray that his Government will recognise the importance of religious freedoms and take steps to uphold them in Algeria.


Last year, the Government collected data on the religious affiliations of teachers in Tizi-Ouzou province in a move seen as an attempt to intimidate Christian and atheist teachers. Pray that Christians in Algeria will not be cowed into hiding their faith.


Ask God to protect and grant His wisdom to church leaders in the face of ongoing persecution in Algeria. Thank God for the resilience of Algerian believers.


After Covid-19 restrictions on places of worship were eased in Algeria late last year, churches were not included in phased reopening plans. Pray for an end to such discrimination.


Please continue to pray for members of two large Protestant churches in Algeria shut in October 2019, in Tizi-Ouzou and Makouda.


Thirteen churches in Algeria remain forcibly closed and sealed – and their congregations are still without a meeting place. Pray they will reopen soon.


Pray that the Iranian authorities will stop persecuting believers who have converted to Christianity, including Ebrahim Ferouzi, and instead uphold their religious rights.

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