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Release International Prayer Shields, Burkina Faso and China

Burkina Faso

Pastor ‘Stephen’ was away when five jihadists in Burkina Faso arrived at his home in the Centre-Nord region to kill him. Thank God his family managed to escape through a window.

Burkina Faso

Pray for Pastor ‘John’ (see Jul-Sep Voice magazine, page 6) whose church was attacked by militants in Burkina Faso, leaving six church members dead. Pastor John and his family fled for their lives, abandoning their home and possessions.

Burkina Faso

Please pray for the church in Burkina Faso, especially in the north where believers are in a minority and under attack from violent jihadists including some linked to Islamic State and al-Qaeda.


Esther, a kindergarten administrator in Liuzhou, was imprisoned for two years in China – as a way of punishing her husband, John, a full-time Christian worker. Pray for the couple who now minister to Chinese students in the US.


Pray for ‘Leo’ who was detained for a year in China during the pandemic for commissioning the printing of several thousand unofficial Bibles. Praise God for his testimony of God sustaining him with His peace.


The printing and selling of Bibles is tightly controlled by the Government in China. Pray that God’s Word will come alive to those receiving scripture through Release-supported projects.


It remains illegal to disciple anyone under the age of 18 in China. Pray that young people will nevertheless hear the gospel and respond.

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