Release International Prayer Shields: Central Asia and Indonesia


Central Asia

Pray for leaders of the Grace Presbyterian Church in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: officials have ordered the confiscation of their building but their compensation offer is very low.

Central Asia

Pray that God will inspire Christians in Central Asia to find creative ways to worship and enjoy fellowship. Praise God that an inflatable swimming pool allows one church to conduct baptisms on private land.

Central Asia

Ask God to protect the family of Pastor Bakhrom and his wife, Gulnora : the Tajik pastor was imprisoned for two-and-a-half years until December 2019 for his ‘extremist’ views. The Government has now threatened to revoke the Tajik residency permits of their two sons who are currently studying abroad.

Central Asia

Pray for Christians in Central Asia: in some parts of the region, they are viewed as extremists. They may receive massive fines and be detained for ‘illegal religious gatherings’.



Please stand with Indonesian Christians in praying for their oppressors.


On this, the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church (IDOP), ask God to lift the head (Psalm 3:3) of all of those who mourn, those who are imprisoned, fearful or facing injustice, for His name’s sake, in Indonesia and worldwide.

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