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Release International Prayer Shields, China and Eritrea


The Chinese Communist Party is cracking down on Christian education – just as more and more Christian families opt to home-school their children. Pray that the party’s attempts to control Christian education will fail.


In China, Chen Wensheng (see previous prayer) was detained six times in 2021. When police arrested him in September, to prevent him from going to church, he shared the gospel with them. Thank God for his boldness!


Thank God for the release in China of ‘Gospel Warrior’ Chen Wensheng who spent 15 days in detention in Hunan province in September-October for public evangelism.


Pray for Pastor Li Juncai who is serving a five-and-a-half-year sentence in Henan, China after being convicted of false charges including ‘embezzlement’. His real crime was refusing to re-join the state-registered church. His church was demolished in 2019.


Please pray for all those in China who see Christians as a threat to their nation. Pray that God will speak to hard hearts and reveal Himself to the persecutors.


Thank God for the courage and perseverance of His people in Eritrea. Pray for even greater unity across the church in Eritrea this year.


Pray for a change in government policy towards Christians in Eritrea that will prompt a prisoner amnesty and an end to arbitrary arrests.

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