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Release International Prayer Shields, China and Ethiopia


Church leaders An Yankui and Zhang Chenghao of the Xuncheng Reformed Church in China (see yesterday’s prayer) were detained in December and charged with various offences linked to their church activity. Pray that they will sense God’s presence – and be freed.


Pray for strength for five members of the Xuncheng Reformed Church in China who were jailed in January for ‘crossing a border illegally’ to attend a church conference in Kuala Lumpur, despite having visas to travel. Their sentences range from six to eight months’ imprisonment.


Zhao Weikai, an elder of the Xuncheng Reformed Church in China (see yesterday’s prayer), was arrested last July and charged with possessing materials ‘promoting terrorism and extremism’ after officials found documentaries about the Tiananmen Square massacre at his home. Pray for his release.


Pray for endurance for the Xuncheng Reformed Church in Taiyuan, China which suffered a number of raids last year. Several church members have been detained in recent months.


Pray for Pastor Pan Yongguang and the 60 other members of Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church in China who have been seeking asylum in South Korea. The South Korean High Court recently rejected their claim: some fear China may have exerted pressure over South Korea.


Chinese police arrested Early Rain Covenant Church elder Li Yingqiang on Christmas Eve for ‘disturbing social order’ – just before he was due to preach in an online seminar. Thank God that more than 300 Christians and faithseekers attended the event. Li was later released.


Let’s pray that our persecuted family in Ethiopia and worldwide will experience the Lord's resurrection power in their own lives (Romans 8:11).

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