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Release International Prayer Shields, China and Iran


Pray for the family of Chinese Bishop James Su Zhimin who disappeared 17 years ago after being accused of ‘unregistered’ religious activities. Officials are now pressing the church to replace him, prompting fears Bishop Su has died.


Surveillance at state-registered Three-Self churches is being stepped up, as the authorities in China try to regulate religious belief using technologies such as facial recognition. Pray that the gospel will spread nevertheless.


In Hunan province, China officials recently sentenced Chen Wensheng to ten days in administrative detention for ‘illegal evangelism’ on the street. Pray that God will water the seeds that Chen has sown.

9 December 2020 – China

Pray for Christians across at least five provinces in China who were recently forced to replace Christian imagery with portraits of President Xi Jinping – or forfeit social welfare benefits they rely on.


Ask God to equip all His people behind bars in Iran to be powerful witnesses to their fellow prisoners and prison workers.


Pray for renewed strength for Christian convert Ismaeil Maghrebinejad, aged 65, who must serve two years in jail in Iran after losing his appeal against convictions of being a member of ‘a group hostile to the regime’ and ‘propaganda against the state’.


Pray for Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz and his wife Shamiram Issavi Khabizeh who recently lost their appeal against ten and five-year prison sentences respectively. However, the couple have been able to leave Iran: ask God to protect and provide for them.​

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