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Release International Prayer Shields: Columbia and China


Lack of transport, inhospitable terrain and insecurity make it hard for Christians in Colombia’s ‘red zones’ to obtain Bibles. Pray for protection for those who put their lives at risk to distribute scriptures in these areas.


The ‘Martinez’ family minister in Chocó, Colombia, sharing the gospel, distributing Bibles and planting churches, amid fierce persecution. They have moved many times. Ask God to protect the family and bless their church.


Pray for people with a calling to bring the gospel to indigenous communities in Colombia. Attempts to win greater autonomy for indigenous communities have led to calls to ban church-run schools in such areas.


Pastors are frequently targeted in Colombia by militant groups because of their position of authority within the community. Pray that many militants will lay down their arms and turn to Christ.


Pray for pastors ‘Manuel’ and ‘Sandra’, a couple who have been ministering for 12 years in a part of Colombia where paramilitaries are active. All their church activities are under tight surveillance.


Please pray for courage and protection for those ministering to communities in ‘red zones’, areas controlled by paramilitaries and guerrilla groups in Colombia. They need permission for worship and travel.


The online sale of Bibles has been banned in China for two years now. Pray that God’s word will spread to even the most remote areas of this vast nation.

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