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Release International Prayer Shields, Egypt and Ukraine

Prayers For Our Persecuted Family.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to pray for our persecuted family so we produce a daily prayer shield which gives a specific need that you can pray for each day. You can see today’s prayer, plus those for the last 6 days, below. You can also sign up using the form above to receive our Email Prayer Alert which we send out whenever we become aware of a specific and immediate situation which requires urgent prayer.


Please pray for the family in Egypt of Archbishop Arsanious Wadid who was stabbed to death in Alexandria as he handed out Ramadan gifts to passers-by with young people from his church.


Thank God that nine Coptic Christians were recently released from prison in Egypt. They had been arrested in January after protests related to the demolition of a church in Minya.


Pray that building and rebuilding churches in Egypt will become easier, and pray that the President and his Government will make policy decisions that extend religious freedoms.


Thank God that about 240 churches and places of worship in Egypt were granted legal status in April by a government committee that now oversees the legalization of churches.


Let’s stand with the church in Ukraine in praying for an end to the conflict and the emergence of a new Ukraine where religious freedoms are upheld in every region.


Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Protestant churches in Russian-controlled regions of eastern Ukraine were restricted. Pray for them as Russian troops focus their assault on eastern regions.


Please pray for the safe return of Alexander Glushko, pastor of an evangelical church in Mariupol, Ukraine, arrested by Russian forces in March. Another pastor nearby, also blacklisted, managed to avoid arrest.

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